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IT, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Finance and more. Applicant Tracking, CRM, Social Media Recruiting, Online Job Portal.

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35,000 IT resumes

at your fingertips!

staffITpro WEB & freelancermap cooperate! You receive direct access to 35,000 professionals.

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staffITpro 360 °

Securing the future!

Full reporting suite with sales forecasts, top customer lists, applicants analysis and contact management.

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We make software for recruiters!

Since 15 years




staffITpro WEB is a leading software for CRM and applicant tracking with an emphasis on IT, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Finance and many other tech industries. For more than 15 years we are a competent partner of leading recruiting agencies. Direct access to 35,000 expert resumes makes staffITpro WEB an unbeatable tool - not just for startups.

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35,000 IT resumes for direct access


In addition to searching in your local database, you will additionally receive direct access to 35,000 IT professionals from our partner freelancermap. Job openings can be easily published at freelancermap and/or our second partner "Projektwerk". Projektwerk offers next to IT professionals access to experts from many other industries. An unbeatable competitive advantage.

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staffITpro and freelancermap

More sales through knowledge!

We know what

Market Leaders



Increase in sales and growth are now predictable for any business! We observe recruiters for more than 15 years. Our analysis has shown that successful and fast-growing companies use business intelligence to monitor the company's goals.

Don't wait any longer and join other successful recruiting companies by using our 360 ° Reporting.

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Real customers - as you are!

Michael Meins

"For 11 years I am a satisfied staffITpro WEB user!"

Florian Wiedner
Florian Wiedner, Aristo GROUP

"We are successfully switched from our legacy system to staffITpro WEB in a few days! We did not regret it! "

Michael Zondler
Michael Zondler, Centomo GmbH

"For us it is clear we do not want to miss staffITpro WEB."

Mathias Bösselmann
Mathias Bösselmann, Krongaard AG

"staffITpro WEB is not only an excellent recruiting software but also a strong CRM software!"

Our promise:

"Your data is


Secure Data

Our data centers are located in USA, Asia, Ireland and Germany. We take care of the compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act. Our contracts are transparent, fair and checked by many Data Protection Officers.

If required, we will move your data into the cloud. The experience of more than 100 data migrations make us a reliable partner.

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Creative solutions


staffITpro is the market leading software for recruiting technical experts from various sectors. Optimize your processes from entering the resume to customer billing.


We offer more than CRM: Our intelligent customer management system automatically analyzes emails, contacts, purchases and needs of your customers.

360 ° Reporting

Traditional reporting is like a flashlight - staffITpro 360° brightens your business like a floodlight.

Back office
Back office

Fast recruitment is nothing without efficient billing. We offer a tailor-made contract management including billing.